In today's competitive manufacturing sector, producers constantly face challenges that can throw their competitiveness off balance. Falling selling prices, high costs of assets,
increasing running costs constraining margins thereby diminishing chances of sustenance are now common causes of businesses failing. Although LEAN has existed as a concept, for long management consultants have failed to deliver solutions that work as implementation of such initiatives at the floor level has never been successful. With our rare competence bandwidth ranging from business planning, machinery technology, systems, communication, electronics and instrumentation, IoT, IT we are at a vantage point to propose what can be implemented and to implement what has been proposed.

We offer customized solutions to our clients without indulging too much in jargons which usually render initiatives difficult to be implemented. Our solutions have their roots in feasibility technically and commercially. We interact and resolve issues of people across the hierarchy by levering our experience and expertise in:

  • Plant engineering
  • Machinery / technology selection
  • Automation
  • Capability development
  • Systems implementation
  • Quality check and assurance
  • Standards compliances