Procurement of capital goods is an investment in the future. It becomes a major driver in the organizational strategy. Purchasing such equipment is no mean task as it involves
identifying the gaps, looking at the long term goals, being up to date with the latest in technology and market, creating business justifications, coordinating with multiple agencies
to get the best mix.

One needs an expert to avail such capabilities and our consultants are vastly experienced and capable in handling such requirements.

We ease your load of having to recruit full time capex procurement specialists with our capex consultancy services.

  • We work along with multiple levels in the hierarchy to identify and define the gaps.
  • With the in depth knowledge and expansive network in the machinery industry we align the the best in technology with the long term goals.
  • With the complete understanding of the business scenario and technical advantages we prepare the business justification / ROI case for conductng the capex purchases.

Unique Offerings

  • Gap Analysis
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • ROI projections
  • Low cost solutions inclusive of recondition and retrofit solutions

Metal Cutting, Forming, Simulation, CAD / CAM , Automation, Material Handling, Laser Processing, Fabrication, Additive Manufacturing, Die and Moulds, Fixturing and work-holding, SCADA, Instrumentation, Wireless communication, Condition Monitoring, Performance Monitoring.