LogicStacks Solutions was established in 2011 with a commitment to enabling clients with information or capability to generate information to achieve short as well as long term organizational goals.

We are an organization dedicated to real improvements which deliver in accordance with the guiding principles, vision and mission of an organization. Its our endeavor to
provide technically feasible SMART solutions that are aligned with organization’s strategy.

Our consultants are immensely experienced in analytics, business excellence, product / project life cycle management, IoT (Internet of Things) and MIS. With an excellent mix of capabilities we also develop products leveraging IoT to address various institutional / organizational problems.

What we do:

We engage with various levels in an organization and generate data with help of IoT or surveys or MIS which our SMEs then analyze. With their domain expertise coupled with
enhanced intelligence generated leveraging IoT or other systems we prepare roadmaps to achieve the required short and long term goals. We do not believe in developing a presentation and hastily wash our hands off. We guide our clientele throughout their journey to achieve these goals. .

Our technology experts are engaged in developing the most comprehensive IoT gateways and nodes which cater to applications in various industries viz. manufacturing, hospitality, R&D, BPOs etc. These gateways in conjunction with the, highly scalable and enterprise wide IoT cloud platforms enable data analytics, visualization and remote management
of devices.

Our software development team lead by experienced and highly capable project managers deliver applications on multiple platforms.