Industries have been using legacy enterprise applications like MIS, CAD/CAM, FEA, Project Management etc. for long. However these systems have existed on silos and are in dire need of being integrated to completely deliver on what they promise. Even then the whole system remains incomplete until it is connected with the actual activities on
the plant floor.

Imagine your machines have started talking to your systems. Transmitting their actual production, conditions, consumptions in real time giving you the true picture of the plant floor and projects. You can analyze, integrate and make decisions that are much more likely to bear fruits. Meeting your production, sales, optimizations targets would be much easier. It would make your work much more predictable and give you the quintessential control of your plant floor.

We enable a connected factory environment with our expertise in conceptualizing, developing and implementing IIoT. Each machine's condition, production and rejection can be logged and analyzed. Moreover this gives direct control in the hands of decision makers to limit the losses or rejection to the first fault. Furthermore, predictive analysis of the crucial machine condition data also enables identification of faults likely to occur. An IIoT system integrated with design applications also opens up the opportunities of removing all probable faults at the design stage itself. IIoT therefore has the potential to fully connect and thereby make the complete organization highly responsive. Such responsiveness is critical for attaining world class quality.

Maintaining machines would be so much easier with machines directly logging breakdowns, faults and the system with all the data analytics identifying likely causes and therefore remedies. IIoT is a holistic approach to ensuring uptime and deciding refurbishments and replacements.