We are well versed with the Criteria requirements of Malcolm Baldridge award for calibrated certification of Business Excellence.Even if organizations may not go for assessment, its compliance helps in refining systems, ensuring alignment and integration of all approaches and ensured objective and comprehensive deployment to spur into driving results most effectively.

We can propose integrated systems, metrics / KPAs and dashboards to address the requirements of Business Excellence, ISO, Osha and TPM so that compliance does not require additional effortWe can propose Roadmap for World Class Quality in steps of :

1) Ensuring that defect does not leave Factory

2) Ensuring that defect does not leave a Line

3) Ensuring that defect does not leave a machine / station

4) Ensuring that defect is not produced

5) Implementing Quality through entire process chain including design, planning and vendor processes.

Our USP is instrumentation, IOT, data logging, communication and dashboardsWe believe in building up context specific home grown system Bottom-Up from operational strata,
rather than seeking to graft an ill fitting generic "Best Practice" which must be driven Top-Down for forced compliance